Buying a home is always a tough job. It is difficult for a buyer to fulfill his entire wish list whether the purchase is in a different city or a different locality within the same city. It gets even more tedious when buying a home in Springboro. Not only that, the adjustments required to settle in a new place makes it an even more difficult task.

How are homes in Springboro, OH?

In 1974, Springboro had a population of around 4,000. Currently it has around 17,000 people and is ever growing. It is no longer the small Ohio town it used to be and it is also home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating architecture in Ohio. Being a lucrative and booming location, the prices in Springboro are obviously steep. You should should make an informed decision before buying a home in Springboro.

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What is public quality of life index?

The Physical Quality of Life Index or the PQLI is a measure of the overall well-being and the expected quality of life. It is a measurement of development using social indicators which focus more on the quality of life instead of quantitative aspects like GDP per capita.

Quality of Life index takes into account the variables that have an impact on the individuals. If a buyer is searching for a new home in Springboro, this index calculates how much the buyer would enjoy living here and what would be the outcome of each selected parameter.

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For example, the medical index would affect the location positively while the crime index will affect it negatively. For smaller localities, states, etc. it is calculated with respect to the national index. The national index is 100.

Buying a house in Springboro? – Understand the quality of life index In Springboro, OH

Before you buy a home in Springboro, it is quintessential to know about the quality of life index. This is essential to have complete knowledge regarding the locality. The variables that affect the quality of life can be both positive and negative.

Positive variables: (The higher the value, the better)

Amusement: Amusement index of Springboro stands at 116 compared to 85 in Ohio state and 100 of the United States.

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Culture: Culture index is 101 in Springboro compared to 135 in the Ohio state.

Education: Though the number looks good, Education hasn’t developed to its full potential in Springboro as compared to the Ohio state. The education index stands at 99 compared to Ohio’s 123.

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Weather: The overall weather index of Springboro is much better than that of Ohio and even the United States. Weather index of Springboro is at 123 which is much higher than that of Ohio (65).

Religion: Stands at 102 compared to 112 in Ohio.

Medical: Medical facilities are good in Springboro with an index of 104 although they are below par in comparison to that of Ohio, which stands at 123.

Restaurants: If you are a food lover, Welcome to Springboro! The restaurant variable has an index of 130 with the Ohio state at 146 in comparison to United States 100.

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The above factors ensure that buyers purchase homes for sale in Springboro quickly and at the best price thus ensuring a win-win situation for both the parties.

Negative Variables: (The lower the better)

Calamities: While earthquakes, hail and hurricanes are lower than 100 (40, 96 and 25), the tornado variable is something to worry about. In comparison to Ohio’s 101 and United States’ 100, the Tornado index in Springboro stands at a whooping 252! That does state higher chances of a tornado occurring in this location.

Crime index: Crime index is much lower than that in Ohio and a little lower than the nation. The chances of a crime occurring in Springboro is less as compared to Ohio as well as The United States. Only the rape index stands at 102 compared to 100 in America.

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Mortality:  The mortality index in Springboro stands at only 79 compared to 138 in Ohio.

All in all, take all indexes into consideration before buying a home in Springboro. It is important for buyers to know everything about this magnificent land and make an informed decision before buying a home in Springboro. Happy buying!





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