Selling properties was earlier considered a good side-income for many people but now the trends have changed. It is a full-fledged profession with a lot of scope for people who are good at it. Both the buyer and seller community now wants a person who is professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and a great salesperson. However, if you believe that being a real estate agent means enrolling in an instant rich scheme you are highly mistaken. Unfortunately, this and many more similar misconceptions have always surrounded this profession. However, with the new EXP model growing exponentially, we are all set to witness revolutionary changes in the future.

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Busted below are the top 5 misconceptions about real estate agents with the real truth behind them.

Myth 1: Anyone can be an Agent and Sell Property

If you thought that anyone can be a real estate agent and sell a property, then you need to rethink about it!

Truth: Not anyone can turn up as a real estate agent. One needs to have a valid license issued by a certifying body. Apart from this, the agent must be associated with a registered brokerage and have on-field experience. Moreover; after all that hard work to get the license, it is not easy to sustain in this profession. You need a mentor whom you can trust and who is ready to invest in your growth. Well, it may sound difficult, but with the robust EXP model, you will find a lot of people willing to do this.

Myth 2: Being a Real Estate Agent means making Easy Money

Surprisingly, a majority of people believe that being a real estate agent means making easy and more money.

Truth: The fact remains that these agents are solely dependent on the commission they receive after selling a property. Earning money as a real estate agent is never an easy task, as it involves indulging in some expensive activities like marketing, phone call conversations, operational expenses, conveyance charges, and many more hidden expenses. However, with the new EXP model, the operational expenses have reduced manifold. Well, the perks of a growing cloud brokerage.

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Myth 3: Real Estate Agents Can Control the Real Estate Market

Similarly, we have another myth regarding the real estate agents in the U.S. that they have the power to control the market. 

Truth: Unfortunately, setting a property value and negotiating for it is all a personal decision nowhere related to the market control. These agents set a property price as per the trends of the market. So, in a way, their rates are controlled by the market trends. They themselves don’t have any control or influence over the real estate market.

Myth 4: Real Estate Agents Hide Negative Details of Properties to Sell Quickly

Likewise, real estate agents are often blamed for hiding the not so pleasant details about a property in order to make quick sales. 

Truth: The truth about this misconception is that legally, all real estate agents are supposed to disclose all the negative as well as positive issues regarding a property to the potential buyers before the sale. Hiding such details may land these agents in a court trial and may even cost them losing their professional license.

Myth 5: Real Estate Agent is a Part-Time Job

Being a real estate agent can be a part-time job is another misconception about these professionals.

Truth: Yes, working as an estate agent may surely look like a lucrative part-time idea but in reality, it is almost impossible. Working as a real estate agent needs a lot of hard work and efforts. A profession like a real estate agent means an all-hours job with a proper focus to maintain a good reputation among clients.

EXP model

The Verdict – How EXP Model Can Help?

Our final verdict about this seemingly lucrative field of profession is that only the most talented, competent and intelligent continue to make good income through this profession. One can definitely earn handsomely as an agent keeping all these myths aside with proper focus and determination.

And for the buyer and seller community, the advice would be to do your research and select the best for an amazing experience.

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