The Love Ohio Living Team is one of the fastest growing real estate teams in the Ohio real estate market. The Board of Realtors has ranked it as the #1 real estate team at EXP Realty in both Dayton and Cincinnati real estate markets. The team founded and headquartered in Ohio is led by Mike Wall who have made the Love Ohio Living Team as one of the top revenue generating real estate teams of EXP Realty. The team has already achieved ‘Hall of Fame’ status in real estate commissions by making profits over $1.0M.

Ohio Real Estate market

Our Approach 

Our expertise in the Ohio real estate market has enabled us to create a database of more than 16000 buyers in Southwest Ohio, who are actively looking out for homes. We ensure that the resources are aligned immediately to aggressively market the client’s property and see through that each step in the transaction is completed successfully. The team consists of 20+ professionals who specialize in the real estate industry and ensure that all clients consistently get a great experience each time they do business with us.

Mike has a very innovative approach in dealing with real estate. He became a celebrity in 2014 when his Podcast “Dominating Expired Listings” and “Six Months to Six Figures” were released. Mike has a diverse knowledge of the Ohio real estate market have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers to achieve their real estate goals. Our website is easy to navigate and one can get all latest information on real estate market trends. The Love Ohio Living team’s website annually attracts thousands of views. 

The Differentiating Factor

Mike has designed a full-service real estate team specifically for residential consumers considering the fact that a normal real estate transaction involves hundreds of tasks and each task needs a different skill. The buyers have an advantage of utilizing this service that includes; listing specialists, buying specialists, marketing department, listing coordinators, transaction coordinators, client development, and virtual assistants at the same price as one would pay to a single real estate agent.

With Mike’s personal and corporate experiences including consulting, corporate acquisitions, major account sales, and strategy & real estate investing have successfully taken the team to a leading position in both Dayton and Cincinnati real estate markets. We are continuously expanding and have our footprint in all major cities in Ohio. Mike admits that he owes his success to his coaches and humble implementation.

Being a part of EXP Realty, the Love Ohio Living Team takes pride in employing the most powerful tools in real estate. The team ensures that the clients are provided with the highest standards of service through their technologically advanced and client-centered approach. 

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So, if you are looking for a deal in the Ohio real estate market then do call the love Ohio Living team. We will help you in finding a house that you can call your home. And if you want to sell a property then the team will ensure that your home is positioned for the best deal possible. 

The Love Ohio Living Team is the name you can trust!