Moving to Ohio and planning to buy homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio or homes for sale in West Chester Ohio? Read on to find out what’s in store for your kids in the beautiful state of Ohio.

The state of Ohio is a melting pot of beautiful cities, scenic countryside, magnificent mountains, relaxing beaches, mighty rivers, amusement parks, and museums. A perfect place to call your home. There is a plethora of interesting activities for the kids to keep them engaged and help them enjoy their childhood to the fullest.

What is the Importance of Recreational Facilities for kids?

Sports activities such as basketball, soccer, swimming or any other outdoor sports helps in developing physical strength in growing kids. In addition to this, activities like dancing, camping, adventure, picnics, etc. help in the all-round development of the younger ones.

Hence, it’s critical to keep in mind the nearby recreational facilities for the kids while buying homes for sale in West Chester Ohio or homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio. Most of the major cities in Ohio have some amazing recreational facilities for your kids.

Here’s a list of recreational facilities available for your kids in Ohio:

Coney Island, Cincinnati

Situated at Kellogg Avenue, Coney Island features 26 classic amusement park rides fit for all age groups. The kids would just love this place. The Island is home to North America’s largest flat surface pool; the Sunlite pool filled with over 3 million gallons of water.

There are several thrilling rides such as the scream machine, python coaster, river runner, etc. There are numerous kiddie rides too like frog-hoppers, airplanes, cannons, slides, etc. Coney Island has something for everyone and it’s a perfect way to spend some quality time with your kids.

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ZipCity, Cincinnati

Located at 10765 Reading Roads, Cincinnati Ohio, ZipCity isn’t just your average trampoline park. One gets to enjoy all the thrills and fun of an indoor trampoline park, but with an added amount of excitement. After all, ZipCity Cincinnati is the only indoor zip line park and rock wall in the USA.

Stretched across 50,000 sq. feet, ZipCity Cincinnati houses 4 basketball courts, 2 trampoline foam pits, an ice-skating ring, 2 open jump courts, three zip lines (each spanning around 3 storeys high and 200 feet long) and a rock wall offering 10 rappelling stations (30 feet tall). All in all, ZipCity provides your kids with an action filled day where they can work on their coordination and strength, enjoy, and have a great day out.

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Buying homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio will be great from a recreation perspective. Your kids would love it!

And if you are a party lover, Cincinnati can never disappoint.

Jump and Jack’s, West Chester

Jump and Jack’s is the perfect place for your kids to play, play, and play all day long. The playing areas are designed in such a way that your kids can let loose, use their creative minds, be themselves, and climb, slide, and play. The main attraction of the facility is the huge multilevel playground known as Jack’s Playground.

Filled with interactive elements, cool slides, and climbs, the place will definitely put a broad smile on your little ones’ face and help imaginations and creativity run free. There is always something or the other going on in Jump and Jack’s thereby which makes it a great place for a family outing.

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EnterTRAINment Junction, West Chester

The famous EnterTRAINment junction is unlike any other recreational facility for kids. The center houses world-class attractions and 80,000 Square feet of unmatched family entertainment and fun. It is the world’s largest indoor train display which is around 25,000 sq feet.

The center is just like a theme park, but indoors filled with amazing recreational activities for the kids such as exploring railroad museum, A-Maze-N Funhouse, a narrow-gauge train ride, or just crawl, bounce and climb in the children’s play area. It’s a magical environment for your little ones.

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Here are more reasons to buy homes for sale in West Chester Ohio.

SunWatch Indian Village/ Archaeological Park, Dayton

SunWatch Indian Village is yet another great recreational park to keep your active kids engaged. The park is a reconstructed Fort Ancient America Native village which was inhabited 600-800 years ago and now has been converted into an archaeological site.

The visitors are free to browse through the museums, village, excavation site, prairie, native gardens, stockades etc. The SunWatch store also has fossils and excavation kits, CD’s, flutes, prints, paintings, dean catchers, beaded jewelry, stuffed animals, puzzles and many other interesting goodies on offer.

It’s a memorable and altogether different experience for the kids.

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