With Christmas around the corner, preparations to welcome Santa is going on in full swing. This is the time of the year when we deck up our houses and do away with anything unwanted which is uselessly occupying space or creating a mess.

However, we understand how difficult it is at times to discard that old ladder, the damaged sofa set or some old crockery. It is not just about the memories attached to these household items, but we still hope to use them in some way or the other. However, we aren’t really sure of how to do it. All it needs is a little creative bend of mind to give new life to those old household junk items and there you are living with them again in a completely new way!

What follows next is our list of some creative ideas to re-use household junk. These mind-blowing ideas will prevent poking a hole in your pocket and at the same time give a nice uplift to your home decor.

Turn The Ladder into a Book Rack

That old ladder that you once used to climb up can still be used in a very interesting way as a book rack. Just place that old ladder at a corner and use it as a perfect shelf for organizing books, games, magazines, towels and other daily items.

Whether you paint it or not, even in a rustic look that old ladder will serve as a multipurpose shelf to store and organize your stuff in a brilliant way.

An Old Metal Door can be your Bulletin Board

That old rustic metal door may look ugly but if you are creative enough, you can turn it into a bulletin board.

Clip important documents and reminders on it as a bulletin board. Or feel free to hang your wardrobe hangers to hang some of your most-used earphones and accessories on it.

Don’t Throw Away that Old Glass Coffeepot

Wait, don’t throw away that old coffeepot! Use it smartly as a mini air plant pot. The old glass coffeepot can be turned into a living work of art by filling with adequate sand, river rocks, and moss along with a set of mini air plants.

Creating one such plant pot will give you many admirers of your creativity and you surely need to try it to believe it! So, next time you are about to discard an old coffeepot, encourage the gardener in you and turn it into a mini plant pot.

Turn Old Tires into Smart Sofas

Now, here is a clever hack for your old tires. All you need is a set of strings and wires to cover the top of the tires to turn them into smart sofas.

Turn a tire into a small table and there you have a complete set of sofa and table for your lawn or terrace.

Turn Old Casseroles into Beautiful Bird Pitchers

No matter whether you are a bird lover or not, you can still feed them in your old casseroles. Yes, this may sound stupid at first but will turn into a creative hack to use an old household junk.

Those casseroles that are no more of use to you can play a great role in feeding the hungry birds if attached with a proper string and held out in your terrace.

The Verdict

Believe it or not, there are more than a hundred ways to turn trash into treasure with a little bit of creativity and effort. The most commonly used household items that you are thinking to discard can change the complete look of your home without disturbing your budget.

Merry Christmas!

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