Redefining coffee as a full experience, rather than just a stimulating beverage, Cocoon Coffee has a different take on the coffee brewing industry. Its founder, Christine Sandoval talks about the various aspects of her business in an interview with Ohio’s top real estate agent, Mike Wall. Located in Mason, Ohio, this buzzing coffee shop is a popular hub for people in the Mason community. 

Talking more about the business, Christine Sandoval, a Pharm D graduate, talks about the difficulties she faced and the experience of her first business venture.“Nothing teaches you about business than just running it (a business)” says Christine, opening up on the way she learned to handle the ropes of the trade.

Cocoon Coffee

“There is so much distraction, so many things you are scared of doing,..but focusing on the vision makes a ton of difference” continues Christine, as a piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Revisiting the idea behind why she started cocoon coffee, Christine speaks of her grandmother, who owned a coffee shop back in the Philippines.

How the whole idea Conceptualized?

The idea of starting her coffee shop came to her as abruptly as she would have it, but slowly she eased into the idea of it, taking research trips across the country to study the coffee culture in different places.

Cocoon coffee was born two years ago as a coffee shop conducive to the needs of an entire community. Anybody who has been to Cocoon would notice that there are workspaces inside it, functioning as study desks for those who want to use it. The idea behind such installations is that people may use the coffee shop as a study hall which isn’t as silent as a library and functions as a workspace for anyone who wishes to use it. The menu at Cocoon is small but a curated one, aiming for the quality of the experience than the number of options. Some of the coffees on the menu are lattes, Cortados, espressos, and many more. One of their signature drinks is the Lavender Vanilla Latte, with faint undertones of refreshing lavender.

Cocoon Coffee – Immensely Popular Within The Local Community

Besides its impressive, quaint menu, Cocoon has the infrastructure to hold different parties. With a workspace, a lounge area with couches and a conference area at the back, cocoon coffee accommodates all kinds of customers.

Cocoon Coffee

“It’s all about the people, at the end of it,” quotes Christine, speaking about the nature of her business. “ There are three things we focus on… outstanding coffee, outstanding service, and outstanding atmosphere”, she quotes, continuing about how she is committed to serving the community of Mason, Ohio to the best of her ability.

Visit Cocoon Coffee for a perfect blend of coffee experience.

Business Details

Address: 6209 Snider Rd. Suite A Mason, OH 45040



Working hours: Mon – Fri: 6.30 am to 9 pm – Sat: 7 am – 9 pm – Sun: 8.30 am – 9 pm

That was Mike Wall, proud EXP mega agent and team leader of the Love Ohio Living Team.

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