Occasionally we all have strolled through an older neighborhood and got mesmerized by the amazing architecture, rich heritage, and an old-world charm. Everything there has something to tell about the past. These are a part of what’s called a historic neighborhood. There are a number of houses for sale in Cincinnati Ohio, and historic neighborhood of other cities.

Let’s explore!

What is a Historic Neighborhood?

A historic neighborhood is any neighborhood deemed architecturally and historically important by the government, with a green flag from the residents. The designation of the neighborhood is to protect the place and prevent the owners from doing any sorts of renovation and alterations to the exterior design of the properties and preserve the charm of the yesteryears. Quite often, a government organization may not recognize a historic neighborhood. However, they are still classified as historic due to the availability of related evidence and the residents.

The Historic Neighborhoods of Ohio

Buying a piece of history can be quite appealing. Here are some of Ohio’s top historic neighborhoods ideal for finding your dream home.

Mount Adams and Indiana Hill, Cincinnati

Cincinnati and its neighboring metropolitan districts have a spectacular inventory of historic houses for sale in Cincinnati Ohio. The city has a wide range of historical architecture styles from the past two centuries. This includes early 20th century arts and crafts, Greek revival, Art deco, mid-19th century federal, and late 19th century Victorian and Italianate. The abundance of historic neighborhoods in Cincinnati contributes to the choices offered by their real estate market.

Mount Adams and Indiana Hill are 2 such neighborhoods.

Traces of history is evident all throughout the neighborhood of Mount Adams. Named after president John Quincy Adams in 1843, the neighborhood was once a winemaking capital of the world in the early 1800’s and amidst the civil war, the city saw the installation of artillery cannons for their safety from the Confederacy. Mount Adams is a charming and beautiful place to buy houses for sale in Cincinnati Ohio.

The district of Indiana Hills is a beautiful stretch of land with charming little streets and roads like sleepy hollow road and old hickory lane. Another great historic neighborhood if you are looking for big single-family homes with affluent neighbors.

Columbia-Tusculum, Cincinnati

Columbia Tusculum is the oldest neighborhood of the city located along the Ohio River valley. The charming neighborhood is known for its Victorian-era homes decorated in a colorful painted ladies style. There are a number of entertainment options, shops, parks, bike trails, and local restaurants.

The most awe-striking feature of Cincinnati is that it has preserved its old-time charm. The city continues to reflect on the past while embracing the future.

How about buying houses for sale in Cincinnati Ohio and with it a part of history?

Also, if you are a party lover, Cincinnati can never disappoint. There are amazing recreation facilities as well.

So, go ahead and buy homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio.

Oregon Historic District, Dayton

Spread across 60 acres, this is Dayton’s oldest district. The buildings have Queen Anne, Greek Revival, and Federal architecture.

This district houses some of the first residents of Dayton. An amazing diversity of architecture, and lifestyle within such a small place is one of the major highlights of this neighborhood.

Ohio City, Cleveland

Situated west of Cuyahoga river is the historic neighborhood of Ohio city. Formerly known as “The City Of Ohio”, this is one of oldest neighborhoods of Cleveland. Ohio City came into existence in the year 1818 and was initially a part of the Brooklyn Township.

The city functioned as an independent municipality until June 5, 1854, when it became a part of Cleveland. The Ohio city is now a bustling community and there are plenty of homes for sale in Cleveland Ohio.

Invest in your future today, and at the same time preserve a part of history!

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