When you give life to your age-old idea, and it turns out to be of assistance to underprivileged children, it is indubitably an incredible achievement. The Kala Coffeehouse is a phenomenal coffeehouse for people to relax and foster community relationships. The coffeehouse is run by a wonderful couple, and its prime motive is to serve the needy ones. Lately, Mike got the opportunity to interview Roger and Jackie Wilson, the founders of Kala Coffeehouse. It is impossible to forget the remarkable conversation he had with them because it was inordinately inspiring.

Kala Coffeehouse

The Beginning  

Roger and Jackie Wilson were sweethearts from school time. After being together in high school and college, they chose separate careers and marriages. Nonetheless, their first marriages ended, and they tied the knot around 6 years ago. Happily retired and financially secure, they mostly spent time with their grandchildren and loved traveling.

Kala Coffeehouse

Being inordinately blessed, they wanted to serve God. Roger had the thoughts of starting a coffee shop for a very long time, but after he attended a business seminar with Jackie, they decided not to implement the idea. Then one fine day, it was declared by Dr. Stephen Sams during his sermons that Axis Christian Church was looking for someone who would be interested in running a coffee shop and serve the community from the generated profits. Space had been built for people to connect and develop relationships. Roger and Jackie eventually found a way to serve God, and they started the Kala Coffeehouse.

The Unique Concept

Kala stands for ‘good,’ and that is why the coffeehouse is not just about a cup of coffee. The founders are from Warren County, and they strive for a better future for the penurious Warren County kids. In addition to that, the coffeehouse works towards the betterment of the community and supports various local causes.

Speaking of the drinks and food, Kala Coffeehouse makes use of the best ingredients available and provides its customers with an exotic experience. The ambiance of the coffeehouse is just phenomenal. It is an undoubtedly perfect place to relax, meet with friends or work in tranquility.

Kala Coffeehouse

Kala Coffeehouse gets a lot of customers on a daily basis. A significant portion of the profit is utilized to help poverty-stricken kids and their families to overcome homelessness. Furthermore, Kala Coffeehouse aims to uplift the deprived sections of the community. As far as the drinks and other delicious combinations are concerned, the coffeehouse is unbeatable.

If you want a suggestion for a drink to savor, the Hot Chocolate and Mocha are some of the remarkable specialties of Kala Coffeehouse that a coffee enthusiast can never afford to miss. The drinks are created from locally sourced organic and minimally processed ingredients.

Pay a visit to Kala Coffeehouse for a homely experience and develop strong relationships with the local community. The concept is indeed superb.

Kala Coffeehouse

Get In Touch!

Address4503 US-42, Mason, OH 45040, USA

Menu: https://www.kalacoffeehouse.com

Reservations: acuityscheduling.com

Phone: +15132768915

That was Mike Wall, the proud leader of the Love Ohio Living Team and Mason’s top real estate agent.

Here’s the complete conversation!

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