When you combine entrepreneurial drive with love for animals in perfect harmony, the resulting concept is something that holds the potential to attract the masses. One of the ideal examples of the same is the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe. The brainchild of Kay Barnet, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe is a cafeteria dedicated to both adoptable kitties and humans alike. I recently got the chance to interview Kay Barnet herself and the following details the conversation I had with her.

The Inception

Kay Barnet got her undergraduate degree from Miami before she started her career as a law enforcement agent. Transitioning from being a Misdemeanor Probation Officer to an Investigator at CPS, Kay Barnet has had a long history of aiding and guiding people towards the right path. Kay Barnet’s initial love for animals took its roots when she was serving at CPS. Families would usually ask her to take care of their pets for them. From cats to dogs to even a raccoon, Kay developed love for animals.

The idea of a cat cafe struck her mind as she was watching the shark tank with her daughter one night. Researching more about the topic, she decided to take the plunge and build one for herself. Add 18 months of hard work to the concept and that is how the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe was born.

The Concept

The Kitty Brew Cat Cafe is a unique fusion of a cat shelter and an amazing cafeteria. Coming to the food that is served here, the coffee beans used in the cafeteria are strictly organic and are locally roasted by Seven Hill Roasters and Blue Ash. The Baristas at the cafeteria are also incredibly knowledgeable, knowing delicious flavor combination to make some of the most refreshing drinks.

There is a $10 charge customers need to pay to visit the cat lounge which is charged by the hour. The price may vary depending on the day and also the people who are visiting. Seniors, veterans, and students have the privilege to pay lower prices. Anyone under 18 can visit the cat lounge for $5 instead of the usual $10 fee on a Wednesday. The profits earned directly goes back to serving the kittens.

The Kitty Brew Cat Cafe gets their kittens from five rescues – Animal Friend Human Society, His Hands Extended Sanctuary, The Paws Cause Rescue, HART, and Clermont County Care Center. The kittens are up for adoption and visitors can apply for adoption. The adoption fee and the average duration for the completion of the process vary from rescue to rescue. For anyone who is unable to visit the cafe, they can watch the free 24×7 live stream on the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe’s website.

What Else?

For anyone seeking a recommendation for a drink, the Tuxedo is one of the most popular drinks in the cafe. It is a frozen blended drink that is made with Oreos, coffee, and vanilla extracts.

Visit the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe and witness a perfect harmony between human beings and animals. It’s just amazing.

Address#6-7, 6011 Tylersville Rd, Mason, OH 45040, United States

Menu: kittybrew.com

Reservations: acuityscheduling.com

Phone: +1 513-818-2287

That was Mike Wall, proud EXP mega agent and team leader of the Love Ohio Living Team.

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