Based in Warren County, Ohio is a beautiful city named Mason which has become a huge, bustling community over the past few decades. This opulent suburb, with a populace of nearly 32,000, is located approximately 22 miles from downtown Cincinnati and is counted amongst the top 100  places to call your home in the States. Mason boasts of its plethora of recreation centers. This is one reason why the houses for sale Mason OH is in high demand.

houses for sale Mason OH

Here, the summers are generally warm and humid, and the winters are quite cold and windy. During the year, the temperature mostly varies from 23°F to 85°F and is mostly never below 7°F or above 93°F. However, off late extreme temperatures have become a global norm and the thresholds are being breached.

Down The Memory Lane!

On June 1st in the year 1803, a War veteran named William Mason purchased 640 acres of land at an auction by paying $1700. This is today’s downtown Mason. William platted 16 lots in the year 1815 on this piece of land and named the village ‘Palmira’. After his death, in the year 1832, more than 40 lots were platted around the village Palmira as per the will left behind by William Mason. However, the village was named as ‘Palmyra’ when it was officially recorded.

houses for sale Mason OH

1835 saw a petition by the villagers to the federal post to get the name corrected which was listed as Kirkwood. This might have been an error since the name of the then postmaster was William Kirkwood. However, when the villagers were made aware that there is another place named Palmyra in Ohio, “Mason” was chosen as the official name. Mason became a city in the year 1971.

Income And Opportunities – The Best You Can Expect!

Mason city’s largest employers are Procter & Gamble Mason Business Center, Luxottica Retail‘s headquarters, and the corporate headquarters of Cintas. Mitsubishi ElectricHeinz, and L-3 Communications are some of the other large companies operating in Mason, OH.

More than 500 businesses have their operations in 18 square miles of Mason City. Mason City’s 24 commerce parks have more than 90 corporations. The employment opportunities are quite high for the right talent.

houses for sale Mason OH

Amenities Like Nowhere Else!

Mason is home to seven city parks which cover approximately 300 acres and include picturesque fishing lakes, scenic walking trails, ball fields, well-appointed tennis courts, cool picnic shelters, and large playgrounds. The city parks are a perfect blend of habitat to rich flora and fauna, amusement, and various sports facilities to enthusiastic people of all age groups.

houses for sale Mason OH

In addition to that, the presence of a top-notch community center which facilitates a lot of lively activities such as summer camps, sports camps, health camps, fitness sessions, gymnastic programs, summer reading programs, etc. This suburb also has some of the finest hotels, shopping malls, well-appointed hospitals, a golf center, and one of the largest tennis stadiums in the world, the Lindner Family Tennis Center. The Kings Island amusement park is also one of the top attractions. These are the factors which seem appealing to the people looking for houses for sale Mason OH.

houses for sale Mason OH

There is also an amazing list of pubs, bars, breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Here’s a list you may refer to.

Also, here are some amazing nightlife hotspots.

houses for sale Mason OH

World Class Education Facilities!

There are eleven public schools and three private schools catering to the educational needs of 15,000 and 1,200 students respectively. Some of these schools have a very good stature because of their impressive teacher-student ratios and proficiency of their students in academics.

Here’s a list for your reference.

Being a small city, the only university situated here is the Strayer University- Ohio, but there are a few good universities within 20 miles radius of it. 

Thus houses for sale Mason OH are in much demand!

houses for sale Mason OH

Crime Rate – Manageable!

The crime rate in the community has significantly reduced over the last decade. Unfortunately, the rate of burglaries and thefts have consistently remained high as compared to other violent crimes such as rapes, murders, assaults and robberies which happen rarely.

Looking for houses for sale Mason OH?

houses for sale Mason OH

This suburban city is a hub of businesses because of its locational advantages and world-class amenities. If you are willing to buy a house in Ohio, then Mason is the best suburb to look for.

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