Sugarcreek Township is a small township of Greene County, Ohio with a population of 2,220 as per the 2010 census. It was established in the year 1803 and got its name after a tributary of the Little Miami River in its territory, Sugar Creek. This township is surrounded by four townships namely Beavercreek Township, Spring Valley Township, Wayne Township, Washington Township, and the city of Kettering. Three cities are encompassed in the picturesque Sugarcreek Township:  Bellbrook in the west, a small part of Centerville in the northwest, and a small part of Xenia in the northeast.  The location of this suburb in Dayton, Ohio gives it an edge over other townships when it comes to buying houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH.

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

Income And Cost Of Living – Quite Balanced!

Agriculture is one of the key sources of income for residents of the township. Having been a major producer of maple sugar and maple molasses since the 1800s, the township conducts the Sugar Maple Festival to celebrate its flourishing maple industry. Employment rates are high in Sugarcreek OH, and employment opportunities have seen an escalation.  The median income in Sugarcreek, OH is $47,899 and the median home value is $123,400, which should give you a pretty good idea of its cost of living. 

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

What To Expect? – A Healthy Lifestyle

The township has a Farmers’ Market where the vendors sell fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly baked goods, savory sauces, grill-ready meats, and a lot more so that you get to make sumptuous and healthy meals every day.

There’s a Sugarcreek MetroPark in the township and huge acres of parks in Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District. Hence, it’s clear that the houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH are surely going to give you a panoramic view of captivating sceneries of parks, ravishing gardens, farms and lots of greenery.

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

A large number of luxury villas, royal mansions and bungalows are being sold by real estate agents at decent prices every day as most residents own their homes in the township.

World Class Educational Opportunities

There are seven public schools in the suburb, four of which are situated in Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District and the remaining three in the Wayne Local School District. Most of these schools have a greater percentage of academically proficient students and every school has a decent teacher-student ratio which is an important factor in education. There are 5 community and junior colleges within 50 miles of Sugarcreek. The nearest community college is the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute followed by the University of Akron Wayne College. There are ample opportunities to pursue higher education in the state of Ohio.

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

Amazing Nightlife!

With many sports pubs, bars, nightclubs, and wineries on its plate, Sugarcreek Township always amazes the local people and tourists with the nightlife experience it offers. Starting from mouthwatering exotic food to the best wine and great beer, you can find all that will tempt you to come out of your houses and enjoy the night.

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

Here’s a diverse list which you can refer to.

Safe And Secure Surroundings For Your Loved Ones

The crime rate in Sugarcreek is on the lower side among communities of all size. Few cases of crimes are reported and the police and administration deal with them efficiently to deter re-occurrence of such happenings. The Sugarcreek township is a safe place; be rest assured about it.

houses for sale in Sugarcreek Township OH

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