Famous as one of the best pizza place in South-West Ohio, Two Cities Pizza is a concept restaurant in Mason, Ohio. Founded in 2015 by Sean Spurlock and Zach Greves, this restaurant serves a unique, carefully curated list of pizzas. Located in the City Hall building of downtown Mason, the restaurant is a hub of liveliness, attracting people from all parts of the community there.

Two Cities Pizza

The founders, Sean and Zach, were friends since elementary school and as they grew, so did their affinity for business. Being from entrepreneurial families, both of them had a shared world-view. Their shared vision of what a business could look like is manifested in the form of Two Cities Pizza.

A Tribute To The Accomplished Pizzas Styles

This restaurant pays tribute to the well-known Chicago style pizza, and the New York style pizza. It recreates the taste of the two and serves them in Mason, Ohio. The founders focus a lot on the staff, and they choose only hand-picked people as employees. The entire team is cared for equally, making them feel secure and cared for, which makes the hospitality towards patrons better by a considerable margin. In that aspect, Two Cities Pizza has been very successful. The restaurant breathes life into downtown Mason, and it is truly a community restaurant.

Two Cities Pizza

During the weekends, the customer section of Two Cities Pizza turns into a who’s who of people from Mason’s community.

Speaking about the restaurant and their goals and ideas, the founders talk with Mike Wall, Mason’s top real estate agent who provides a platform for business owners to share their stories. They talk about the ingredients and the way the pizza is made, speaking about their commitment to stay true to the original taste.

Two Cities Pizza

The founders went to lengths to perfect the Chicago and New York style pizzas, buying ingredients from the same supplier as the restaurants in those two cities. Their commitment to the taste of the pizza showcases their love for food and customer satisfaction.

It’s more of a community restaurant

When asked about the business model, they replied that they sought to make a community restaurant, something that binds a community and makes it better, and in that aspect, they have been successful. Their idea to bring the quintessential New York style pizza and the quintessential Chicago style pizza under one roof has proved to be a very successful idea.

When asked about what the future holds for them, they replied that they want to keep improving their style of food, begin experimenting, and maintain the level of communal exposure that they have presently.

Two Cities Pizza

“Everybody kinda has an impulse to grow,” says Sean, while talking about the idea that they need to grow as a business.

“If you have an all-encompassing vision to grow, that kills a lot of businesses” he continues, speaking about growth and maintaining an excellent balance in the manner in which they want to grow.

Hopefully, the future of Two Cities Pizza is as good as the pizza they serve.

Two Cities Pizza – Business Details

Address: 202 west main street Mason, Ohio 45040

Menu: https://www.twocitiespizza.com/menu

Reservations: twocitiespizza.com/beat-the-crowds

That was Mike Wall, proud EXP mega agent and team leader of the Love Ohio Living Team.

Here’s the complete conversation.

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