Considered as one of the best places to live in Ohio, Washington Township is the largest of the nine townships of the Montgomery County with a comparatively vast populace of around 56,600 as per the 2010 census. It is bound on the north by Van Buren Township, on the east by Greene County, on the south by Warren County, and on the west by Miami Township. Its history takes us back to 1803 when it was incorporated as a township. Today houses for sale in Washington Township OH are in high demand. Let’s find out why!

houses for sale in Washington Township OH

The cost of living is above the US average but relatively low as compared to other townships. Housing plays a vital role in creating the difference. The median home price in Washington Township (Montgomery County) is $226,100. On the other hand, the per capita income and the average salary by occupation are greater than the US average. So that isn’t a big problem.  Housing is an important factor when it comes to cost of living but houses for sale in Washington Township OH have affordable price tags. The cost of living is comfortable, and the residents can avail the world-class amenities on offer.

World Class Amenities To Ensure A High Quality Of Life

Washington Township has a thriving community and there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. The luscious green trees and the mesmerizing gardens, the aesthetic villas and houses adorn every corner of the township. Hence, it is counted amongst the best places to buy a house in Ohio. The township has breathtaking amusement and neighborhood parks with cycling and walking trails, small ponds, basketball courts, and well-equipped playgrounds that add more life to them. You can spend quality tie with your loved ones in the lap of Mother Nature.

The Centerville-Washington Park District runs a total of 9 nature parks, 8 community parks, and 33 neighborhood parks covering a staggering 1,000 acres of parks in Centerville and Washington Township.

houses for sale in Washington Township OH

Here is a list of the Community Parks: Activity Center, Iron Horse, Forest Field, Oak Creek South, Oak Grove,  Schoolhouse Robert F. Mays, and Yankee

Here is a list of the Nature Parks: Bill Yeck, Black Oak East, Black Oak, Grant, Holes Creek, Forest Walk, Huffman, Nutt Woods, Little Woods, Woodbourne Springs, and Rooks Ravine.

Amazing indeed!

Home to some of the finest restaurants and hotels with the most amazing ambiance and serving delicacies cooked to sheer perfection, blending the flavors from different corners of the world, this suburb also has taverns, luxury lounges, bars, etc. ensuring an amazing nightlife.

Here’s a diverse list which you can refer for dining options and you will be spoilt for choice.

You will find some of the most appealing houses for sale in Washington Township OH on our website with detailed descriptions about their locations and other necessary factors that would help you decide why and where to buy a house in Washington Township OH.

Access To Top-Notch Educational Facilities

Centerville/Washington Township and its surrounding areas have some of the top-rated schools and colleges in the United States. There are more than 20 public schools and 8-10 private schools in the township which provide quality education and encourage their students to involve in a bunch of club activities which foster their holistic growth. There are also ample opportunities for world-class higher education.

houses for sale in Washington Township OH

Here’s a list of the top schools and here’s a list of the nearby colleges.

Safe Haven For Your Family

The crime rates in the township are low making it a pretty safe place to call your home. Crimes do happen, but the police and law enforcing agencies are quite responsive and on their toes. The suburbs of Dayton, OH are quite safe for you and your family. For those of you who are willing to buy a house in Washington Township OH, this is like a bonus.

houses for sale in Washington Township OH

Job/Business Opportunities And Economy

The economy is quite stable with ample job and business opportunities for the right person. Here’s where you will be able to find a huge list of job openings. Looking to start a business? There are high chances that you will succeed if you are able to deliver what the community desires. There’s no doubt about that.

Here’s a detailed analysis of the economy which will help you understand more.

Planning to settle in this township soon? To find the best house for your family, do check the listings of houses for sale in Washington Township OH today on our website. Contact the Love Ohio Living team for any questions!

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