Dayton, Ohio is home to many successful businesses and is no stranger to commercial growth and development. Over the past few years, Dayton has seen a steady increase in job opportunities, with 2020 being especially gratifying. As of 2021, Dayton’s job market has grown over 13 percent- a testament to the thriving economic climate of this midwestern city.

Looking ahead to the near future, here are the top employers in Dayton in 2023.

First up is Kettering Health Network. As Dayton’s premier hospital system, Kettering Health is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to the area’s residents. With over 7,500 employees, Kettering is one of the largest employers in Dayton and provides a range of job opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Second is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the largest single-site employer in Ohio. Home to the U.S. Air Force Aviation Systems Center, this base is a major asset for Dayton’s economy and employs an estimated 27,000 people. With steady job opportunities and a multitude of employee benefits, Wright-Patterson serves as a major hub for economic stability in Dayton.

Third is Premier Health. This healthcare group is made up of six hospitals and over 25 outpatient centers, making it one of the largest employers in Dayton. With thousands of employees, Premier Health offers a wide range of medical positions from nursing to administration.

Fourth is LexisNexis Risk Solutions. LexisNexis is an information services company that delivers legal and business research solutions to its many clients. With over 1,100 employees in Dayton, LexisNexis is a major employer in the city and provides many opportunities in the tech and customer service industry.

Fifth is Teradata. This multinational software company is a major force in the data industry and provides secure metadata and analytics software solutions to its clients. With over 950 employees, Teradata is a major employer in the Dayton area offering opportunities in the tech and software fields.

Finally, there’s Reynolds and Reynolds. This global automotive solutions provider provides complete software solutions to meet the automotive industry needs. With its 1,300 employees, Reynolds and Reynolds is one of the leading employers in Dayton and provides a broad range of job opportunities including software experts, customer service reps, and more.

Dayton’s job market is growing each and every day. This midwest city is a great place to live and work.

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