What’s up my Mason & Deerfield Township friends and neighbors! This is Mike Wall with The Love Ohio Living Team at eXp Realty, back with another 2-minute market update. We’ve all heard the saying knowledge is power! Sellers want to get the most money for their home, and buyers always want to find the best deal..right?

I created this market report gives all you buyers and sellers an unfair advantage when selling your home or when making an offer. So, without further ado here’s your cheat sheet to the Mason/ Deerfield Township real estate market. There are currently 204 Active listings as of today, 12 between $0-100k, 72 between $101-250k, 78 between $251-500k, and 42 listings over $500k. There are 107 homes currently under contract, 9 between $0-100k, 48 between $101-250k, 47 $251-500k, and 3 over $500k. Moving on to listings sold for the month of October. There were 76 total sales in Mason/ Deerfield Township real estate market, 36 between $0-100k, 36 between $101-250k, 31 between $251-500K, and 4 over $500k. Your average days on market was 40.

Hey if knowledge is power hopefully now you’re a little more knowledgeable and a little more powerful. If you’re in the market to buy or sell a home in the Mason/ Deerfield Township real estate market remember to call me Mike Wall at 513-299-8999 or visit my website at loveohioliving.com. Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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