Are you moving out this summer and plan to sell your house? The real estate industry has always had an ever-increasing demand for housing supplies. Summer brings with it vacation times when people tend to utilize the time at hand and get done with their checklists. Buying a house, for example is prioritized since people have ample time to scrutinize the options and make a wise decision. Statistical data shows that homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio are always in demand. So, what can you do better to elevate the selling price of your property?

With the onset of the lovely summer months, your well-maintained garden can set your property aside from the competition. The lush greenery in the middle of a concrete jungle, the little patch of life in a parched dryland; your garden is the first thing that will make an impression. The buyer knows that the houses he will visit will mostly be well-maintained. So, a welcoming gesture in the form of a well-groomed garden will tilt the tables in your favor. Moreover, a quick look at the real estate listings can confirm that the prices of homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio with a lush green garden space is considerably higher.

Here’s what you can do to make that patch of green come to life:

Weeds – Need To be removed!

Before you quote the law citing Marijuana illegal in Ohio, allow me to clear the air by telling you it’s not that weed. Taking care of unwanted plants that riddle any uncultivated piece of land is the first and foremost priority. They might not essentially be harmful, but they do compromise the overall aesthetic appeal.


Check if the exteriors need any repairs. Check for cracks in the walls, any broken fencing, or if the garden hose is installed or working properly. Also, if anything is damaged in the garden like benches, etc. These small little things are an absolute must if you want to make the garden a USP of your property. And believe me, a good presentation is a cherry on top of the cake. It will elevate the selling price of homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio. Enjoy an amazing ROI!

The actual gardening

Here comes the prep. Before you riddle your garden with marvelous ornaments, the soil needs to be prepared. If you have absolutely no idea, or simply lack motivation to work in the summers, you might want to hire a professional for this. Leave the intricate work to the pros. In any case, here’s what you should do. Till the soil properly, add loads of natural manure/humus/fertilizers, and plan the garden. Planning here means simply listing out the plants you’d want in there.


The main decor in a garden are the beautiful plants. Choose bright flowers that brave the summers and are pleasing to the eyes as well. Grass and a hedge are elementary, and the most satisfying in general opinion. Plant and maintain the necessary, mow the lawn, and add a wooden bench or two to complete the perfect garden. A stone paved walkway collects brownie points!

Real estate is an ever-growing industry and there will always be demand. There are a lot of listings of homes for sale in Cincinnati Ohio and homes for sale in Centerville Ohio. Understand what your customer wants, and make your foothold stronger in the market this summertime. In the end, the main consideration is the overall atmosphere you can create, an aura that only your property has.

Good luck!

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