Marketing a home is not as simple as what it used to be a few years ago. You need to apply a blend of various strategies for those extra dollars. Through this blog post, we discuss some marketing ideas that you can use while selling your home.

Don’t forget the exterior photographs

You must be aware of the role of photographs when listing the home online. When photographing the front, make sure there are no vehicles in front of the house. The shade of the house results in average quality images. Trim bushes and mow the lawn before capturing the exterior region.

Virtual tours are important

Either create a 360-degree view or make a video to grab the attention of buyers. You can also include individual photographs that the viewers can download. Ask your real agent from West Chester, Ohio on whether it provides this service.


It is the most economical strategy that will generate phone calls of prospects. Don’t put too much information, as the signs become less attractive.

Open Houses

Open house events are still an effective way to spread the word in your area. Some online websites help you advertise the open houses online.

Sharing through online platforms

Ask all your contacts to share the post you have created for social media platforms. This increases the online reach exponentially.

We understand that all these strategies are easier said than done. Therefore, we at the Love Ohio Living Team, take care of every marketing strategy on your behalf. Check what other strategies we use to speed up home selling process here.

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