The Common Beer Company – For The Community!

The Common Beer Company is a popular brewing spot located in Mason, Ohio. It is owned by couple Mark and Amy Carden Lortz. It is one of the prominent local brewing business in Mason delighting its patrons with high quality brewed beer and much more. How Did They Commence? With a long history of home brewing experience … Continued

Two Cities Pizza – A Piquant Choice For Pizza

Two Cities Pizza

Famous as one of the best pizza place in South-West Ohio, Two Cities Pizza is a concept restaurant in Mason, Ohio. Founded in 2015 by Sean Spurlock and Zach Greves, this restaurant serves a unique, carefully curated list of pizzas. Located in the City Hall building of downtown Mason, the restaurant is a hub of … Continued

Cocoon Coffee- Redefining The Coffee Experience!

Cocoon Coffee

Redefining coffee as a full experience, rather than just a stimulating beverage, Cocoon Coffee has a different take on the coffee brewing industry. Its founder, Christine Sandoval talks about the various aspects of her business in an interview with Ohio’s top real estate agent, Mike Wall. Located in Mason, Ohio, this buzzing coffee shop is … Continued

Kala Coffeehouse – A Concept Inspired By Faith

Kala Coffeehouse

When you give life to your age-old idea, and it turns out to be of assistance to underprivileged children, it is indubitably an incredible achievement. The Kala Coffeehouse is a phenomenal coffeehouse for people to relax and foster community relationships. The coffeehouse is run by a wonderful couple, and its prime motive is to serve … Continued

Kitty Brew Cat Cafe – A Unique Concept Indeed!

When you combine entrepreneurial drive with love for animals in perfect harmony, the resulting concept is something that holds the potential to attract the masses. One of the ideal examples of the same is the Kitty Brew Cat Cafe. The brainchild of Kay Barnet, Kitty Brew Cat Cafe is a cafeteria dedicated to both adoptable … Continued